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Tegan Barton
Tegan Barton

Pilates Teacher + Naturopath

Company Name:
Big Wellbeing Co
Time Zone:
Melbourne, Australia
Cert IV in Matwork & Reformer Pilates & BHSc in Naturopathy
My Bio:
We all need strength and energy to thrive and succeed. I’ve experienced significant change through Naturopathy and Pilates on a personal level and with my clients, which is why I founded Big Wellbeing Co. As a qualified Naturopath and Pilates instructor, I hope to support more of you as you improve your wellbeing to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.
Client Testimonial:
I have been attending Tegan's pilates classes for most of my pregnancy. I hadn't tried pilates before pregnancy and started at the end of my first trimester- its been the exercise I've stuck with the rest of the way as pilates its awesome for strengthening the pelvic floor. Tegan has also been very aware of any exercises that are not suitable for pregnancy and has found alternatives for me, usually using the support of my bolster. I'm so glad these classes came up during my pregnancy as its helped me to maintain fitness and remain active during pregnancy. - Jess