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Tara  Seymour
Tara Seymour

Yogic Breathwork + Yogic Meditation Teacher

Company Name:
Fourth Realm
Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
120 hr level 1 & 2 Meditation & Breathwork, Registered Teacher with Meditation Association Australia M1750
My Bio:
I’m a qualified Yogic Breathwork and Yogic Meditation Teacher with a special love for Yoga Nidra. Sometimes called Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest and most transformational practices available; helping you relax and release, while also resetting your nervous system, your sleep cycle, and effectively helping you rewrite your neurological programming. I deeply believe in the power of meditation as a way of creating greater flow and ease within our lives and awakening a sense of inspiration and joy. I’m passionate about prompting and awareness of the changing landscapes that exist within ourselves, the language of our body, mind and spirit, and sharing a toolkit of meditation and breathwork practices that can easily be drawn on to attend to our inner needs.
1:1 Sessions
Group Sessions