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Tara Hegerty
Tara Hegerty

Business Energy Healer, Kinesiologist, Psychic Intuitive

Company Name:
The Sacred Healing Studio
Time Zone:
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
BA (Psychology) – 2007, Certificate III in Fitness & Nutrition (Fitness Industry Training) – 2017, Holistic Counselling (Australian School of Holistic Counselling) – 2020, Meditation Teaching and Chair Yoga (Australian School of Holistic Counselling) – 2020, Akashic Record Practitioner (Center for Akashic Studies) – 2020, Akashic Record Practitioner (Center for Akashic Studies) – 2020, Reiki Master (Light of Wellness) – 2022, Diploma of Kinesiology (College of Kinesiology) – Current
My Bio:
Tara Hegerty is a Business Energy Healer, Kinesiologist and Psychic Intuitive. She offers personal and business alignment sessions to help conscious leaders align with their highest path in life so that they can positively shift the planet. Her goal is to empower others to co-create with source and their higher selves to find clarity, heal, and fulfill their purpose in life and business.
Client Testimonial:
"The clarity and direction I now have about my life and business and where I'm taking it with the new insights and knowledge that came from this healing and reading are invaluable. Everything resonated and it felt like ideas and knowledge that were right there waiting for me and I just hadn't tapped into them yet." - Zoe
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