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Sally is an Energy Psychology Practitioner and published author offering a range of somatic (mind and body) healing modalities, including EFT Tapping, Reiki, Meditation and Yoga.

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Daily Practise
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Sydney, Australia
MTeach (The University of Melbourne) + GDipPsych (Charles Sturt University) + BexSc (Bond University) + Yin Yoga + Reiki L1&2 (Usui Reiki Centre) + Kids Yoga Teacher (Rainbow Kids Yoga) + Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (Mindfulness in Schools Project)
My Bio:
Sally has a background in exercise science, psychology and primary school teaching with a growing passion for energy psychology and healing. She has written mindfulness, meditation and EFT Tapping programs and run workshops for communities including T FORM Pilates, Harmony Women, Watt St Athletic and multiple schools and libraries around New South Wales. Sally's first picture book, A Rabbit’s Tale, was released in December 2021 and encourages readers to find empowerment through simple and effective mindfulness techniques. She is excited to share her knowledge and skills with the True Woo community through her online courses.
Client Testimonial:
"My first tapping session was this unexplainable and completely unexpected release of built up emotions and underlying issues that I didn’t even know were there, lying dormant and subconsciously affecting my being as a whole. At first, a skeptic, today, an advocate, being both a witness and the receiver of its power, aided along by Sally who has this beautiful gift of quite literally, tapping in to others' inner self, making you feel comfortable and confident enough to allow thoughts and feelings to surface, then reassure you that it is ok and that everything will be ok. 6 months of anxiety and stress, taking its toll in the most scariest hormonal imbalance, the loss of my period. One tapping session, and it returns…Chance? Maybe. But I will forever be grateful for tapping and to Sal." - Bee Marffy, Senior Account Manager, Melbourne
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