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Sacha Stewart
Sacha Stewart

Kinesiologist + Meditation Guide + Mindset Coach + Conscious Business Mentor

Company Name:
Sacha Stewart
Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
Repairing The Nervous System (Jessica Macguire) - 2021 + Aura Balancing (By The Bay Kinesiology) - 2021 + Chakra Healing and Transpersonal Chakra (By The Bay Kinesiology) - 2021 + 20hr We Are Vibration - Sound & Mantra (The Om People) - 2019 + 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher (The Practice) - 2019 + 25hr Mantra, Pranayama & Meditation YTT (The Light Collective) - 2018 + Diploma of Mind Body Medicine (College of Complimentary Medicine) - 2017 + Diploma of Kinesiology (College of Complimentary Medicine) - 2017 + Certified Meditation Teacher (Melbourne Meditation Centre) - 2016 + Certified Personal Coach (Wellcoaches) - 2014 + Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) - 2013
My Bio:
Sacha is a keynote mindfulness speaker, mindset coach, kinesiologist, and conscious business mentor. She blends these modalities in 1:1 sessions and workshops, that deliver knowledge-based practical tools, as well as encourage people to tap into their own inner wisdom for how they can grow and expand. During her formative career as a film producer in the commercial advertising world, and having gone through her own challenges, she learnt first-hand why these techniques are so important to create a balanced and optimum life. She specializes in helping people to uncover their subconscious blocks and limiting thought patterns, while simultaneously creating a foundation for them to step into the most empowered version of themselves. Speaking and mentoring in the corporate world she has worked with high level businesses such as Apple iTunes, UBER, BHP, The Langham Hotel Group, Mindshare, Wisetech Global and WPP. Her clients range from the UK, USA, Canada, Denmak, Slovakia, Germany, and all over Australia, with her home town based in Sydney. Sacha’s mission is to inspire and empower you to believe in yourself; and to give you the knowledge and the tools to be proactive in creating a life you love.
Client Testimonial:
“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Sacha for over 18 months. I have completed a number of her programs and have also benefited tremendously from Kinesiology sessions with her. There is absolutely no doubt that Sacha knows her craft inside and out and I have no hesitation in recommending her. You will be delighted by her beautiful energy, kindness, generosity and optimism. Sacha walks her talk and is inspiring in all that she does. I feel incredibly grateful for the guidance and support she provides me as I make ongoing changes to my life to support my wellbeing.” — Kate Pollock
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