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My Bio

Hi, I’m Paul Todd, AKA “Coach Toddy’, & I’m in the people business. After 60 laps around the sun, I’ve learnt a few things and I’m a bit older than I act.

Like most people, i've had my struggles in the past and built strategies for the future. Now I’m here to assist you with yours. We will have open, honest discussions, judgment free and in a relaxed environment.

My role as your coach is to create a space of trust and confidentiality, to assist you with new patterns of behaviour and a perspective for change & growth. What you will take away from my sessions, is learning how to create new actions, accountability & empowerment, I specialise in Holistic Wellbeing Management, Mindset Coaching & I’m an experienced business coach.

I believe, if you are functioning successfully through your wellbeing, then it flows through in your performance to all aspects of your life relationships, business, confidence & mental health.

My coaching approach was originally developed for elite athletes, to learn to function holistically & perform successfully and now I'm offering something similar for you. I use both an open structure around evidenced based research and positive psychology to encourage a growth mindset. My method involves, developing a plan around your values & strengths, using intrinsic motivation tools, SMART goals, education & regular check ins.

Life experience, includes being an entrepreneur with 40 years in the Health, Fitness & Wellness industry & former clients have included politicians, captains of industry, fashion, designers, media executives & athletes.

My Business knowledge, is extensive, co-founding several of my own successful start-ups & assisting others. I’m a shareholder and board member of a fitness brand and a Wellness beverage company, advise on several others & donate time to wellbeing non for profits.

My Spiritual home is the oceans challenging environment & and where I find solace.

My Workshop is a learning environment & coaching others, to see and feel new growth in their lives. I’m really looking forward to working with you on your new journey for change, growth, your overall wellbeing & increased performance.


I like many Australian entertainers have had a difficult couple of years. The Covid 19 Pandemic was probably the biggest challenge of my professional life. I engaged Paul’s service as a Wellbeing Coach to assist with some new strategies around wellbeing and adjusting to change.

I found his 3 month coaching program was educational and focused on my strengths and learning new processes for change and growth.

I truely believe it made a difference in my positive outlook and would have no hesitation to recommend Paul as a Coach.

Vince Sorrenti

Sydney Australia

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Nui Wellbeing
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Elite Athlete Wellbeing Manager, Science Of Wellbeing, Solutions coach, Therapeutic massage, Personal Trainer, Elite Boxing coach
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