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Nathan Star Clairvoyant Healer
Nathan Star Clairvoyant Healer

Clairvoyant Healer

Company Name:
Nathan Star Clairvoyant Healing
Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
Master of Education (2010), Clairvoyant Healer (2010), Clairvoyant Healing Facilitator (2011), Angel Therapist (2011), Rainbow Crystal Connection Children's Meditation Facilitator (2012), Akashic Records Reader (20`19), Medium (2021)
My Bio:
Nathan has been practising as a Clairvoyant Healer since 2010. As a former Primary and Secondary School Teacher, Nathan has developed strengths in guiding, mentoring and support people of all different ages, backgrounds and walks of life to create the life of their desires. Working with Nathan typically involves a combination of an energy healing, receiving channelled messages and working through clearing old beliefs and patterns. Nathan is passionate about working with people to develop their own intuitive abilities to help them to live the fullest expression of themselves and he is also the author of The Intuitive Child Oracle Cards. Nathan is a lifelong Clairvoyant who made the decision to serve the community in 2010. A series of awakenings in his late Teenage years led him on the path to learning more about himself and more about how to connect with and heal others. Nathan was inspired to working with Children during the beginning of his career as a Primary School Teacher, where students would often tell him about their dreams, visions and imaginary friends. Today, one of the key areas that Nathan loves working on, is helping Children and their Families understand more about their innate, intuitive abilities.
Client Testimonial:
"Nathan is an outstanding healer. he is on point with his readings of your energy. Not only does he heal and leave you feeling refreshed from toxic energy that you may have absorbed through others, his readings and insight are spot on. You may not realise them at the time, as I didn't, but over a period the events all made sense and tracked directly to Nathan's messages, which helped to bring confidence and assurance of making the right decisions and not being afraid of what was to come. Thank you Nathan for following your path and healing others. keep doing what your are doing. The world needs more kind people like you!" Reveka P. Sydney, Australia.
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