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Matt Lillas
Matt Lillas


Company Name:
Spinefit - Back Pain Fitness Coaching
Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
Rehab Trainer, Back Fix Pro
My Bio:
Hey I'm Matt the founder of Spinefit back pain fitness coaching. Take look army 7-Day Bulletproof Back Solution. It is a FREE video series that will give you an understanding of what is going on with your back but also the best ways to address the issue to give you relief in just days. You will find it in the content section. Having a back injury often slows you right down. The things you love get put on hold, the lifestyle you live goes on hold and often there is not much you can do. I learnt this 10 years ago the hard way when I had my debilatating disc bulges. I was searching for the answer to get myself out of the pain cycle and back doing what I loved. Having been a very active person playing many sports and going to the gym regularly in recent years, soon I realised I had been doing my back damage over the years! Incorrect technique in the gym, poor posture and lifting incorrectly all contributed. Once I understood the key areas to focus on such as quality of movement, mobility, strength and habits I soon started to shift my injury and get back to living my active life once again. Fast forward 10 years and now I run the biggest online back pain coaching business in Australia and go in all sorts of fun, crazy obstacle and trail races around the country, all pain free and as strong as ever of course, not bad at 40 years old. I am looking forward to helping you achieve your goals and stay pain free for the longterm next!
Client Testimonial:
"After completing Spinefit's Bulletproof Back coaching system my back pain I was experiencing for years has gone away. I did feel the difference in just days and it's amazing how many things in my life was actually causing me more damage. Thanks to Spinefit and the team of experts i'm back doing what I love pain free!