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Leah Barthel
Leah Barthel

Grief Recovery Method™ Specialist + Yoga & Meditation Practitioner

Company Name:
Kindred Gift by Leah Barthel
Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
Grief Recovery Method™ Advanced Specialist, Yoga Teacher, Public Speaker, Philanthropist, Tony Robbins Mastery University Graduate.
My Bio:
I am passionate about helping people find a new normal by assisting them to realise Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. I never truly remember a time in my life when grief wasn't present as my dad died in a car accident when I was 2 years old. But my later years when I lost 3 grandparents to Cancer (and had the privilege of being with 2 of them as they took their last breath) prepared me for my most traumatic loss, the sudden death of my mum. Nothing could've prepared me for the pain I experienced but it was also this pain that created my PURPOSE. In 2017 I was made redundant. This forced me to look at my life and ask the question “If I could do any job, What would it be?” I took a moment to think about what it was I was passionate about. The areas were Yoga & meditation, Dancing, Public Speaking,Writing, Organ Donation advocacy, helping others and the most important being an amazing single mum to my 2 children. From this list I created my business, Kindred Gift by Leah Barthel. Completing my small business cert 3, 200hr yoga teacher training to become a yoga teacher. Self Publishing our book “A Gift Before I Go” that shines a light on Organ donation, The Gift of Life. It also helps families starting their journey as a donor family. Public speaking around the topic of organ donation & most recently adding breast cancer after a diagnosis in 2019. But my main focus for my business has been to turn my Pain into Purpose. My journey with grief and loss has spanned my whole life and lead me to become a Grief Recovery Method Specialist ™️. We are not taught to grieve and the effects of grief and loss can be so challenging. There are so many aspects of grief and loss. We mainly think of the death of a loved one as grief but it also includes intangibles such as divorce, bankruptcy, loss of job and more than 40 other losses. I’m beyond excited to be a part of the True Woo team and look forward to facilitating this amazing course to help grievers.
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