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Kerryelle Bucknell
Kerryelle Bucknell

Functional Nutritional Therapist + Meditation + Yoga

Company Name:
Wild Heart Holistic Health
Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
Functional Nutritional Therapist (NTA) + Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing (Restorative Wellness Solutions) + Mastering the Art and Science of Optimizing Hormones (Restorative Wellness Solutions) + Vinyasa 200hr (HYA Yoga) + Traditional Hatha 200hr (The Practice Bali)
My Bio:
I am a Nutritionist trained to use a functional medicine approach that addresses the root cause of issues. I believe that food is medicine. During my yoga journey I have completed over 1000hrs of training in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, MindBody Practices, myofascial release and most recently mental health and wellness as it relates to yoga. Yoga is the remembrance of our divine light within, of our true luminous self. Whether it is movement you crave or you wish the start a nutritional journey, I believe the journey starts with self-love. Only when you truly embrace loving yourself (even the bits you don’t want to!), will you make nourishing yourself on all levels a non-negotiable, will you put your healing above all else, and find your way to balance. We cannot digest our food nor our life experiences, if we cannot create that space, to slow down and listen. I help people to rediscover, reconnect and reclaim their wild heart. You know, that deep part of yourself that you hid, that you pushed down and suppressed. The part that is aching to be truly seen and heard and to express itself in all its uniqueness. My job is to empower you to start a journey of deep listening to the whispers of your body (before they become screams!) and show you how best to find the balance and healing you need.
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