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Julia Goeller
Julia Goeller

Reiki Master + Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant +Mindset Coach + Past Life Regressionist

Company Name:
Unleashed Soul
Time Zone:
Byron Bay, Australia
Past Life Regression (Certificate) | Reiki L3 Master (Certificate) | Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant (Diploma) | Psychic Development (Certificate) | Yoga TT (Certificate lV)
My Bio:
My mission is to support you in unleashing your most free and authentic self and stepping into the life of your wildest dreams! Through working with what I call the ‘four pillars’ - Body, Mind, Energy and Soul - we approach every layer of your being in order to reprogram and unblock limiting beliefs, trauma, wounds, conditionings… ANYTHING that is holding you back from being fully authentic, free and empowered. How to navigate my offerings: You have the option to choose between a one off session, if you would like to work on a specific level BODY - Ayurvedic Consultation, MIND - Mindset Coaching, ENERGY - Reiki Energy Healing, SOUL - Regression Therapy, or dive into deep transformation with ‘UNLEASHED’, my one-month or three-month packages in which we will explore all four pillars and guide each back into alignment with the other. Not sure what to pick? Feel free to book a free connection call first to find more clarity. I can’t wait to unleash with You!
Client Testimonial:
"I had been drawn to do a past life regression with Julia and finally had the courage to book a session. I am so pleased I did! Julia is genuine and has such a calm loving energy; she creates a very comfortable container for the session. I felt safe to be myself, as she held me through the session without judgement and provided the guidance I needed to move through any blocks. I am grateful for this experience and would highly suggest anyone who feels drawn to this, take action on it. After the session, I felt freedom in my entire being. I am now sitting in my power and at peace with all things. Thank you, Julia - you are a beautiful soul and a gift to the world!"
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