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Natural Health
Natural Health

Chek Practitioner + Strength & Rehabilitiation

Company Name:
Natural Health co
Time Zone:
Noosa, Australia
Cert 3&4. Chek Holistic Lifestyle Level 2.
My Bio:
I'm originally a small town kid from Young NSW. Typical country rugby, ex plumber. At 22 I Moved to London and explored parts of the world which helped me grow and truly become myself. Living my current dream now on the Sunshine Coast. Training people everyday to become the best version of themselves. I LOVE being around exciting, interesting people. I love to train myself daily, learn and grow my own mind as much as possible.
Client Testimonial:
"I did an 8 week course with Jacob during lockdown and within the first week I was seeing improvements on all aspects of my health. If I was struggling with anything in the program he was more than happy to ensure I was receiving exactly what information I needed to progress and continue on with this new stage of my life. Cannot recommend natural health more to anyone interested in achieving their health goals both physically and mentally " - Matt, Canberra
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