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I'm Claire, a business coach and change consultant. I love what I do - helping people realise their potential and find meaning in their work. I'm also a mum (to 3 big kids), I grew up in Ireland and am now living in Australia. I believe life is full of opportunities and with the right mindset and people around you, it can be both meaningful and enriching. My wish is for us to 'live the life you love'.

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EMC Associates
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Business coach, facilitator, presenter, writer, Psychometrics, MBTI & TA assessor, speech and performance coach. Workshop design, employee research, employee engagement, internal communications and chatting. Chartered Institute of Marketing, British Psychological Society, BA Hons. University Stirling, UC Berkeley, New Era Academy of Speech & Drama.
My Bio:
Hello. I’m Claire, a business coach, experienced facilitator, change management and brand strategy consultant, specialising in change, culture and leadership. I’ve worked in Australia for the past 17 years, prior to that I was based in London and worked in the UK and Europe. I’ve had the privilege of working with many great businesses across the globe, including BBC, TNT, Tesco, SmithKline Beecham, Nokia, Vodafone, Subaru, Ashurst, NAB, Lifeblood, Australia Unity, NCIE, Network 10, KPMG, CPA and Australian Unity. I’ve also been very fortunate in my life to meet and work with some exceptional individuals who have helped me learn and grow. Now I’d like to do the same – to share my knowledge and expertise with others and encourage them to realise their potential and grow in confidence. Or, as my great friend says “to live the life you love”. WHY COACHING? Practical support and advice about how to thrive at work We all face challenges and sometimes things can be really tough, but this shouldn’t stop us or make us lose heart. With the right support we can all move forward – the most important thing is taking that first step. After 30 years working in corporations, agencies and working for myself, I like to support people through coaching conversations, to help them overcome challenges, grow in confidence and live their best lives. HOW THIS WORKS: After an initial conversation, each coaching session lasts 60 minutes and can be online or face to face. In these conversations we will: identify your end goal and the steps needed to achieve this build confidence and individual resilience understand your core strengths and motivations explore specific challenges or work-related issues help you unlock your potential and realise your ambitions
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