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Bronte Banning
Bronte Banning

Yoga Teacher + Reiki Practitioner + Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
Reiki L1 (Hum) + 200hr Yoga TT (P.L.A.Y.) + SUP Yoga TT (FlowmOcean) + Holistic Lifestyle Coaching L1&2 (CHEK) + Program Design (CHEK) + Mental Health First Aid (Rise Found.) + Psychic Development (Sheila V) + Path of Light
My Bio:
I’m here to inspire you to really start living your life! My dream is to leave the world a little nicer than I found it. I am passionate about health and wellbeing for all. I am a Yoga Teacher, forever the student, a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Therapist, a Holistic Lifestyle Coach from the Chek Institute, and an advocate for life! I love sharing health, as I have experienced what the absence of heath is capable of. I am passionate about supporting Mental Health, especially for men. The reason I choose to work in this field, is to share what I have learnt through my life experiences, and support you on your own journey. I enjoy helping people and building a community of like-minded people. When I am not the above, I enjoy playing with my dog, getting the creative juices flowing, cooking everything and being in nature, especially the beach. I look forward to connecting with you!
Client Testimonial:
After 15+ years of floating in and out of yoga and bouncing around between different yoga instructors, I finally found Bronte. We have been practicing together for 9 months and am enjoying the many benefits of yoga more than ever. Bronte creates a great environment for men to be comfortable practicing yoga. Do yourself a favour and book a session. - G.T.
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