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Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator + Mentor

Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
Diploma Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction + Transformative Meditation Facilitator + Mindfulness for Facilitators + Yoga Nidra Facilitation + NLP Practitioner & Coach + Time Line Therapy + Spiral Dynamics Human Development + MBTI + Cert IV Small Business Management + 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training + 50 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training + 50 Hr Tantric Hatha Yoga + CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach + EFT Practitioner 1 & 2 + Advanced Metaphysics + Dr Joe Dispenza Progressive Workshops + Lynne McTaggert Power of Eight + Crystal Healing
My Bio:
Inspired by human potential, I have practiced, embodied & trained in many different styles of meditation, mindfulness techniques, yoga & alternative therapies over the past 20 years. This has included sitting in countless hours of personal meditation practice, mixed with formal training on topics such as MBSR, meditation, neuroscience, coaching, leadership, psychology, metaphysics, energy, healing, various style of yoga & traditional tantra, plus 12 years of shamanic teachings and Peru travels. I have gained so much insight, awareness and understanding from both my journey so far, the school of life and all the inspiring leaders, teachers and people I’ve met along the way. My business and career background has been quite diverse as well. It includes working in the corporate world for over a decade, running an executive coaching and management consultancy, owning a brand and marketing agency, before founding a yoga and healing studio - Inspired Wild & Free in 2018. I created Inspired Wild & Free through my passion to create a space of peace and inspiration, and desire to guide others to escape the chaos and find more calm, clarity and balance – enabling them to feel empowered to navigate uncertainty and this ever-changing world. I closed the studio in 2021 and now facilitate workshop sessions, host events and mentor others on the topics of mindfulness, meditation, stress management and understanding your inner world for personal and professional development. Grounded in neuroscience, plus neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), positive psychology, developmental models, quantum physics, systematic thinking and mind-body medicine, you will become equipped with the awareness, tools and techniques to create lasting positive change. My motto is ‘less stress, more you’; meaning that every now and again, life can get the better of us; and I encourage you to embrace a lifestyle of inspiration, inner connection, mindfulness and self-empowerment as the antidote to living inspired, wild and free. With the conviction that each of us has the ability to achieve peace, calm and inner freedom, I am inspired to support you on your journey and promise to bring a warm, down to earth style to my sessions, so you’re bound to leave feeling more relaxed, calm & centred, yet most importantly more connected to your inner being.
Client Testimonial:
Briohny is a heartfelt person, inspiring and loving, who always has the right word to say at the right moment. I would recommend her work to anyone. Just meet her and you’ll see. ~ Aleesia Pavone
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