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Belle Flowers
Belle Flowers

Wellbeing Therapist + Coach

Company Name:
The Belle Flowers Clinic
Time Zone:
Sydney, Australia
B.Med.Hlth.Sci (2022) + Dip Remedial Massage (ECNT 1999) + Dip Applied Social Science Counselling (ACAP 2016) + Emotion Code & Body Code certified practitioner (2014/15)+ Reiki Master/Practitioner (1998/2017) + Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy ( Lvl1 2020) + Yoga (225hr Holy Yoga 2014) + Prenatal Yoga (50hr Holy Yoga 2015) + Mind-Body Wellness Coach. Health Fund Receipts: available for remedial massage, NDIS, workers comp.
My Bio:
Belle is a Wellbeing Therapist and Coach. Linking spiritual wisdom with evidence-based approaches to wellness, each session will help reveal why people experience emotional triggers and self-sabotage, and how they can overcome them. Belle is a holistic mind/body therapist with experience over two decades in clinical practice. "My focus is to help each person I work with to come to a better understanding of themselves, embrace their shadows and their inner child, to feel truly at home in their body and mind. I use energetic healing & holistic counselling techniques to help bring peace and calm to the body and mind. I can identify and release the emotional blocks holding people back from being the best version of themselves that they can be. My sessions are deeply revealing and leave you feeling more balanced and grounded." With the stressors of daily life, plus complications with illness, pain & mental health- life can become overwhelming. All of the challenges of life can be handled if the nervous system is in balance. Belle’s approach is to first calm the nervous system, and then work with the limiting beliefs, thought blocks and personal triggers each person has that keeps their system on “high alert” or “in-action” mode. Belle can identify patterns in the physical, emotional and mental bodies that can be addressed to improve quality of life and health and wellbeing, creating resilience and strength.
Client Testimonial:
"Your words" + “Every time I see you, you just know exaclty what I need” + "Ive never had this much growth and progress with a regular counsellor" + "I cant believe how much better I feel after one session"
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